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The Tucson Shows: Sentinel Peak View

One of the prominent features of Tucson is Sentinel Peak, a small mountain right outside of downtown Tucson that offers sweeping views of the city. There is a road that climbs up the mountain to the viewpoint, where you can see the entire city including most of the show areas. I made the five minute drive up to take some pictures of the scenes down below with my zoom lens.


Click any picture below for a larger pop-up, and use the zoom key to enlarge:


Sentinel Peak Tucson
View from Sentinel Peak Looking East, with the I-10 Motel Shows
and the Giant 22nd Street Show Tent Across the I-10 Freeway


Sentinel Peak Tucson 22nd St Show
Zoomed into the Howard Johnson and 22nd Street Show


Tucson Convention Center, Sentinel Peak
The Tucson Convention Center, Where the Main Show is Held


Downtown Tucson and the University of Arizona. Facing Northeast.
The GJX Tent and the Pueblo Show at the Riverside Inn are in view.


Sagauro Overlooking Tucson. Facing East.


InnSuites Show Tucson Sentinel Peak
InnSuites Hotel (Hotel Tucson), Where the InnSuites Show is Held

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