Minerals & Gemstone 480x104

3D Crystal Animations Complete in all existing minerals!

This was quite a big job! The 3D java crystal animations have been completed in all minerals! We have been working slowly adding about a 3d illustration at the rate of about a mineral a day, and now all minerals indexed and gone through are "smorfed" with a 3D animation. We have also generated small thumbnail photos of crystal sketches for each of these minerals. There were several minerals lacking this in the smorf database; we only added these in the minerals we had avaialable.

Below is an image snapshot.

Olivine Series Completed

We completed the Olivine Series , which includes the mineral Olivine, the mineral Tephroite, and of course the gemstone Peridot. This goes along with a complete revision of the Olivine and Tephroite page with many more accurate localities, and great photos. Peridot in the gemstone section is entirely new.