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The InnSuites Show - Individual Minerals

One of the things I now do at shows is ask dealers to show me anything new or interesting, which I take pictures of for our news posts. I did this at the InnSuites, and came back with some very interesting results.
Click on the images below for larger pictures.

tourmaline santa rosa mine brazil
Amazing Tourmaline in Quartz from the Santa Rosa Mine in Brazil.
This gemmy blue/green crystal was mined in 2014.
Crystal Springs Mining & Jewelry (Thomas Nagin)

tourmaline santa rosa mine brazil
Another great Tourmaline in Quartz recently mined from the Santa Rosa Mine, Brazil.
Has a deep, emerald-green crystal perfectly jutting out of the Quartz matrix.
Crystal Springs Mining & Jewelry (Thomas Nagin)

azurite Malbunka Copper Mine Australia
Two deep blue Azurite sun formations on Kaolinite in the shape of lips.
Mined at the Malbunka Copper Mine in Northern Territory, Australia
Crystal Classics (Ian Bruce)

amethyst calcite pseudomorph artigas uruguay
 Large, rounded Quartz pseudomorph after Calcite, with Amethyst, Rose Quartz,
and non-pseudomorphed Calcite. An oddity from Artigas, Uruguay.
Rocko Minerals (Rob Rosenblatt)

pyrhhotite trepca mine kosovo
A superb Pyrrhotite with an amazing 3D Texture from from the Trepca Mine, Kosovo.
North Star Minerals (Ross C. Lillie)

cubic silver crystals indiana mine michigan
Well-crystallized, cubic Silver from the Indiana Mine, Ontonagon Co, Michigan
Silver in well-formed cubic crystals like this is extremely rare.
Hoghton Estate Sales (John Rascona)

pyrite cubes navajun spain
Beautiful {%Pyrite}% cubes in matrix from Navajun, Spain
These Pyrites were just featured in the Jan/Feb edition of Rocks & Minerals
Piritas de Navajun (Daniel Ulibarri)

Very large Japan-Law Twin of a "Smoky" Citrine from Mansa, Zambia
This is one of the best crystals of the find.
Crystal Habit (Peter Beckwith)

stellerite sakur india
Large, aesthetic, peach-colored Stellerite from a new find in Sakur, India
Matrix India (M.F. and Sami Makki)

thomsonite sakur india
New find of large, round radiating brown Thomsonite, from Sakur, India
Matrix India (M.F. and Sami Makki)

New find of yellow Stolzite coating Scheelite on Quartz
from Mundo Nuevo, La Libertad, Peru
Jaroslov Hyrsl

tsavorite garnet crystals africa
A new find of water-clear Tsavorite Garnets with amazing clarity and luster, collected October 2014
Capetown Matrix Crystals (Patrick Meyer)

tsavorite garnet dodecahedral crystals africa
A beautiful dodecahedral Tsavorite crystal from the same find.
Capetown Matrix Crystals (Patrick Meyer)

crocoite adelaide mine australia
An Astonishingly Large and Brittle Crocoite Cluster Probably Over a Foot in Length
The Adelaide Mining Company (Adam Wright)

tourmaline alto ligonha mozambique
Beautiful and Large Tourmaline from Alto Ligonha, Mozambique
Geofil (Sebastian Rodriguez Rosa)

crystallized malachite mutanda mine congo
Crystallized Malachite from the Mutanda Mine, Congo
These are not pseudomorphs of Azurite but rather rare individual crystals
Voelter Minerals (Jon Voelter)

amazonite crystal peak colorado joe dorris
Crystal cluster of Huge Amazonite crystals from Crystal Peak, Mt Antero, Colorado
These came from the Icon Pocket
Pinnacle 5 Minerals (Joe Dorris)

The InnSuites Show - Show Scenes & Mineral Lots

The InnSuites Show, officially known as the Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show, is organized every year by Martin Zinn Expositions LLC. The show is located in the Hotel Tucson City Center, and it is my favorite show after the main show in the convention center. The show is located on sprawling hotel grounds with hundreds of rooms, and almost all of the important dealers are present here selling out of their rooms. There are also ballrooms filled with dealers and tents in the outside parking areas. This show has a very laid-back environment, and a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.

This post brings forth show scenes at the InnSuites show, as well as mineral groups and lots.

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Grounds of the InnSuites Hotel

Food Tent and People Lounging In the Open Areas

Large Crystals and Flyer Showing the New TV Series Mineral Explorers
Crystal Springs Mining & Jewelry (Thomas Nagin)

Fossils and Books in the Fossil Hall
This area looks like a museum library

New Find of Hematite-stained red Quartz from Morocco, at Izizauen Alnif, near Tinejdad
Cornerstone Minerals (Greg Turner)

New Find of Dark Purple Fluorite from the Crystal Victory Mine, Hardin Co., IL
Allectoris Minerals (Rocko Rosenblatt and Kevin Downey)

Beautiful, Large Liddicoatite with Good Backlighting from Madagascar
Little Big Stone (Frederic Gautier)

The I-10 Corridor Shows

The strip on the western side of the I-10 Freeway - from the Days Inn at Congress Street to the Clarion Inn at Starr Pass Road - is lined with hotels and tents with hundreds of dealers. There are minerals, gemstones, and jewelery being sold out of almost every hotel room and nook and cranny. It is fascinating to observe this scene, and a must for all Tucson show visitors to go and see. The enormous Brazilian crystals are especially fascinating.

Click on the images below for larger pictures.

The stretch of motels (Clarion Inn, Howard Johnson, Motel 6) with tents
along the Interstate 10 Freeway Corridor

Large South American Amethyst Geodes in a tent at the Clarion Inn.
La Genuina Amethysts, Artigas, Uruguay

Ted Smith of the Ace of Diamonds Herkimer Mine.
Ted Drives Down every Year from NY to sell some of his amazing Herkimer Diamonds.

Boxes of Large Herkimers in the Sunlight. These are all half price.
Ace of Diamonds Herkimer Mine (Ted Smith)

Huge Quartz Crystals in front one of the tents of the Brazilian Dealers.

Very large Aquamarine crystals in Quartz from Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
RM Gemas, Brazil (Robson X. da Costa)

On of the Fine Individual Aquamarine Crystals from the Above Lot

Tents of Brazilian dealers between the Clarion and Howard Johnson

Young Saguaro Cacti and Succulents Across the Street from the Shows

The 22nd Street Show

The first show I visited in Tucson was the 22nd Street show. This is a relatively new show, set up in a giant tent on the east side of Interstate 10. While this show has mostly jewelry and bead dealers, there are several interesting mineral dealers present. The show also has the show actors of the Prospector's TV series who bring some of their recent Colorado finds.

At this show, I also met show organizer Lowell Carhart to discuss details on the upcoming NY/NJ Show, as well as his new venture called the 22nd Street View. The View will be a new permanent fixture in Tucson for dealers to be able to have a year-round Tucson presence.

One of the nice perks of the 22nd Street show is the free parking. After visiting this show you can just walk across the freeway underpass to the other shows on the I-10 Corridor.

Click on the images below for larger pictures.

Large tent of 22nd Street Show Tucson
Large tent of the 22nd Street Show.
Note the deep blue sky, indicative of the great weather.

22nd Street Show Tucson View Music
Sign outside the tent promoting the 22nd Street View, accompanied with Live Music

22nd Street Show Tucson Dinosaur Fossils
Nice Dinosaur fossil display at the show

Beautiful African Malachite, with some very large pieces!
African Arts and Minerals, Bellflower, CA

opal spencer mines idaho
Beautiful Polished Opal with Play of Color from the Spencer Opal Mines in Idaho
Spencer Opal Mines (Claudia and A.J Couture)

quartz ourary colorado
New find of white botryoidal Quartz from Ouray, CO.
Miners Mall (Dennis Schneider & Tammey Holdbrook)

colorado turquoise cripple creek
New Colorado Turquoise from Cripple Creek, mined in 2014
Miners Mall (Dennis Schneider & Tammey Holdbrook)

aquamarine mt. white colorado
Beautiful gemmy 120 ct. Aquamarine from Mt. White, CO; one of the best pieces collected in 2014
The Lucky Miner, (Dwayne Hall - of the Prospectors TV Series)

dwayne hall prospectors
Dwayne Hall of the Prospectors TV Series wearing a Minerals.net cap.
Dwayne collected the above Aquamarine

peridot colorado
Peridot gemstone from Freemont County, Colorado.
This stone holds the record for Colorado's largest faceted Peridot at 4.81 cts.
Found by Travis Anderson (Prospectors) and cut by Carl Holzer.

aquamarine mt. antero colorado
Incredible Aquamarine from Mt. Antero, Colorado, collected in 2012.
Collected by Ron Griese; displayed at the booth of Travis Anderson of the Prospectors.
The larger stone is 5 3/8 inches!

peridot colorado travis andersen
Large lot of small, recently collected gemmy Peridot from Freemont County, CO
Travis Anderson, Prospectors

oregon sunstone
Large Slab of Oregon Sunstone in Volcanic Matrix
Oregon Sunstone Exchange (Josh the Terrible)

oregon sunstone
The above Sunstone sliced in two showing the structure and texture.

polished oregon sunstone
Schiller Sunstone Rough in Water from the Oregon Sunstone Exchange

Video Explaining the Sunstone

Tucson Show Reports 2015

Once again we are proud to share our show reports on all the happenings in Tucson this year. Hershel Friedman visited many of the shows, taking many pictures and meeting with many important personalities. His trip was much shorter this year due to timing constraints, but the coverage is still extensive. He was unable visit the Westward Look Show due to its earlier timing, and the Pueblo show was also missed due to camera issues, which will be described in more detail in a future post.

The show reports will consist of the following sections:
  • 22nd Street Show
  • I-10 Corridor Shows
  • InnSuites Show
  • Convention Center Show
  • The University of Arizona Mineral Museum