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The University of Arizona Mineral Museum Special Exhibit

Every year the University of Arizona Mineral Museum puts together a special mineral exhibit with a particular theme. This year, the theme was "The Best of the Best: Prize Minerals from the Vaults of Arizona's Collectors". Arizona has one the country's highest percentages of mineral collectors, including those with outstanding collections. This special exhibit focused on culling some of the top-notch specimens from local Arizona collectors and publicly displaying them. Many of these were already seen in the May-June supplement to the Mineralogical Record titled "Mineral Collections in Arizona".


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Wall Showing a Bio of the Contributors to this Exhibit


The Special Exhibit Room


Exceptionally Large Scheelite Crystal from the Rogers Mine, Cochise Co., Arizona
Flagg Mineral Foundation Collection


Beautiful Plate of Vanadinite from the Apache Mine, near Globe, Arizona
This Crystal Plate Rivals the Vanadanites from Mibladen.
Arthur L. Flagg Collection


Azurite Balls and Malachite from Bisbee, Arizona
Flagg Mineral Foundation Collection


Very Large Plate of Azurite on Malachite from Bisbee, Arizona
Mineralogical Society of Arizona Collection


Wulfenite with Mimetite from the Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Mexico
Jim and Imelda Klein Collection


Very Rare, Deep Blue Scorodite from the Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Mexico
Jim and Imelda Klein Collection


Set of 5 Wulfenite crystals from the Old Yuma Mine, Pima Co., Arizona
John and Karen Cesar Collection


Large Azurite Crystal on Malachite & Goethite from the Gardner Mine, Bisbee, Arizona
Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum Collection



Several World-Class Arizona Minerals. (Click to Enlarge and Read Labels)
Evan Jones Collection


Pyrite on Fluorite in a Glittering Formation
De'an Mine, Wushan, China
Karen R. Hruby Collection


Blocky Orange Wulfenite Crystals from the Ahumada Mine, Sierra de Los Lamentos, Mexico
Stan Esbenshade Collection


An Exceptional acicular Legrandite from the Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Mexico
Paula Presmyk Collection


World-Class Thumbnail Minerals, with the iconic Rhodonite in the Center
Alex Schauss Collection


Rhodochrosite from the Uchucchacua Mine, Peru
John C. Lucking Collection

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