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Sulfosalt Minerals Added

One of the sub-classes of minerals missing from our database has been the sulfosalts. Up until now we have not had any information on any of the sulfosalt mineral, but we have started working on this and adding the sulfosalt minerals. New minerals added over the past two weeks include the following:

We will continue to add more as we get to them!

"Mineral Explorers" Premiers on TV!


A new TV series on Mineral Exploration
has just debuted this past month! This unscripted reality series, “Mineral Explorers,” leads viewers to some of the richest and most remote mines in the world to discover the natural treasures found within.


Each 30-minute episode of the six-part series follows Veteran mineral dealer Thomas Nagin as he explores locales that are rich in ways beyond their mineral deposits - providing viewers with a unique glimpse of the trade as well as the cultures surrounding the mines.

Season One is now on Public Television stations across the United States. Season one features mines throughout Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia and in Nagin's home state of Arkansas - famous for having the world's best Quartz.

The owner of Crystal Springs Mining Company and Gallery, Nagin has been working in the mineral trade for more than 30 years - traveling the world to collect rare gems, crystals and minerals. He created “Mineral Explorers” as a way to showcase the beauty of the mineral world and to answer the many questions people have about his profession.

“People have always had a great interest in what I do and where I go,” Nagin said. “They want to know what the people and places are like, how the minerals are mined, but most of all, they want to know if they can come with me.”

For more information
about “Mineral Explorers,” including behind-the-scenes videos, blogs and more, visit www.mineralexplorers.com.

Click here
for the broadcast schedule.


View the promotional trailer below: 


Mineral Explorers Sizzle Reel from Mineral Explorers LLC on Vimeo.

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