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The InnSuites Show in Tucson - Mineral Specimens

Here are a handful of mineral specimens I found intriguing at the InnSuites Showl. All photographs taken by Hershel Friedman.


Amazing Crocoite needles from the Adelaide Mine in Dundas, Tasmania, Australia
From the 2012 Red River Find
Adam Wright collection

Top-notch Ajoite inclusions in Quartz, from the Messina Mine, Limpopo Province, South Africa
Patrick Mayer collection, Baby Bush Lodge

Thick and tall natural Ametrine crystal from the Anahi Mine in Bolivia
Thomas Nagin, Crystal Springs Mining & Jewelry

This is one of the best Sulfurs I have ever seen from the El Desertio Mine in Bolivia
Samora Minerals collection

Interestingly shaped new form of Pyrite from the Merelani Hills near Arusha, Tanzania
UK Mining Ventures
collection, Cal & Keith Graber

Large Sphalerite crystal from the Kruschev Dol Mine in Bulgaria
This mine has been an amazing specimen producer
Ivan Pojarevski, Bulgarian Minerals & Gems

Natural cubic crystals of Platinum from Kondor, Russia.
Dr. Ivo Szegeny, Karp Minerals collection (Czech Republic)

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