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The InnSuites Show in Tucson

The InnSuites show is one of my favorite in Tucson. Its a large show in the sprawling Hotel Tucson near downtown Tucson, where all the dealers sell out of their hotel rooms. You'll find most of the recognized names in mineral dealers at this show, with an amazing array of variety and friendliness. When the weather is nice, it's a pleasure to walk around as the grounds are mostly outdoors.

For all those unable to attend the show, I snapped plenty of pictures so you can get a sampling of the show. I also took a few pictures of interesting minerals I came across. All photographs taken by Hershel Friedman.

Tents outside near the front by the hotel sign

The front entrance of the hotel

Side view of the main hotel entrance

Giant Uruguay Amethyst at the main hotel entrance

Inside the hotel near the main entrance

View of the hotel coming outside from the lobby

Tents on the hotel grounds.

Wrapped up dinosaurs on the hotel grounds

Beautiful view of nearby Downtown Tucson from the InnSuites

Looking towards the main hotel wing with those dinosaurs

More dinosaurs on the property

Side view of the hotel near the highway

The Fine Minerals International House, right off the InnSuites.
This building houses some of the most expensive minerals available for purchase.

The tent for the Granada Ave Mineral Show, right off the InnSuites.

Hershel in Adam Wright's room with the new Crocoite finds.
 Hershel is standing in front of the Crocoite poster hanging on the wall.

Adam Wright's display of the new Crocoite specimens
from the 2012 Red River Pocket.

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