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The Westward Look Show!

I was at the Westward Look show in Tucson on Monday, February 6. The Westward look showcases some of the finest and most exquisite specimens of all mineral shows. It is rare to find a specimen under $300 at the Westward Look! I went around snapping pictures at specimens that I thought were interesting. As with many shows, I could have spent the whole day snapping away, but these few samples just give a trickle of what the show is all about.

Giant Microcline crystals with Schorl Tourmaline from Northern Pakistan
Fine Minerals International, Daniel Trinchillo


Gemmy Red Brookite, Balochistan Pakistan

Gemmy red Brookite crystals in Quartz from Balochistan, Pakistan
Fine Minerals International, Daniel Trinchillo


Flos Ferri Aragonite, Styria, Austria

Huge Aragonite var. Flos Ferri from Erzberg, Styria, Austria
Unique Minerals, Marc Miterman


Rhodochrosite, N'Chwaning South Africa

Strawberry-red, Rhodochrosite "Brain" from the N'Chwaning Mine,
Kalahri Manganese Field, South Africa
Ausrox specimen


emerald, kagem, zambia

Large Emerald crystals on Matrix from the Kagem Mine, Zambia
The Collector's Edge specimen


rhodochrosite, sweet home mine, alma

Outstanding Blood-red Rhodochrosite Crystal Cluster from the
Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Colorado
The Collector's Edge specimen


Fluorite, salzberg, Austria

Large Bluish-purple Fluorite with Growth Layers from Weisseck Summit Cleft,
Lungau, Salzberg, Austria. Backlighting is used to show transparency.


Anhydrite, naica, mexico

Double Anhydrite Spray from Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico
The Mineral Gallery, Inc., Kevin Ward


amazonite, crystal peak, colorado

Interconnected Amazonite Crystals from Crystal Peak, Colorado
Miner's Lunchbox, R. Scott Werschky


Gold Nuggests from Alaska

Gold Nuggets from Ruby Creek, Rampart District, Yukon, Alaska
Miner's Lunchbox, R. Scott Werschky


Smithsonite, Kelly Mine, New Mexico

Globular, Toothpaste-blue Smithsonite from the Kelly Mine, Magdalena, New Mexico
Dave Bunk Minerals


Brown Colemanite

Deep Brown Colemanite from Boron, California.
I have never seen before such a deep color on Colemanite before.
Dave Bunk Minerals


silver kongsberg norway

Classic Silver Wires from Kongsberg, Norway
Western Minerals


phlogopite mica brazil

Rare gemmy Phlogopite from Governador Valadores, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Mineral Classics, Brian R. Kosnar

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