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The InnSuites Show - Part 1

The InnSuites show is my favorite show in Tucson. This sprawling hotel complex has all its rooms filled with great mineral dealers and outstanding minerals. The show is extremely laid-back with a vacation-like atmosphere, and the exceptionally comfortable weather made this indoor-outdoor show quite pleasant. Almost all the big-name mineral dealers are present at this show, and they are generally very approachable. One of the things I personally like about this show is that it is almost exclusively minerals, and there are only few gemstone and jewelry dealers. The show also offers free parking, which is a nice bonus. Below are some general scenes from the show.


Click any picture for a larger pop-up, and use the zoom key to enlarge:


Main Entrance to the InnSuites Show
Note the Giant Uruguay Amethyst Geode


Hotel Scene at the Back of the InnSuites


Dinosaur Models Roaming on Hotel Volleyball Court


Typical Laid-Back Scene in the Main Courtyard of the Hotel


Giant Mineral Art and Carvings Near the Hotel Pool


Alfredo Petrov was Giving out These Beautiful Calendars in His Room


Jeff Scovil, Renowned Mineral Photographer, had a room in the InnSuites with the Above Setup.


Beautiful Fishtank of Fluorescent Minerals in the Room of Bill Gardner - Way Too Cool.
Regular Light Illumination


The Same Fishtank Under UV Illumination


This is the Room of Jaroslav Hyrsl from the Czech Republic, with Jarsolav Posing.
I was Delighted to Meet Jaroslav. His Last Name is the same as my First Name!
(Though its Spelled Differently).


Giant Ammolite Fossils in Matrix


Scene in the Indoor Ballrom of the InnSuites


More Scenes in the Inner Ballroom


Polished Petrified Wood Logs Near the Entrance of the Hotel


Nice Sunset Picture in the front of the InnSuites, with Additional Tents


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