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NY-NJ Gem & Mineral Show Report - Part 2: Exhibit Showcases

Pictured below are the public exhibit showcases that were presented at the show. The first 15 are in the order of their display in the show hall. These exhibits were the first thing that people saw as they walked into the entrance of the show. The fluorescent minerals at the end of the page were in the fluorescent mineral gallery, and are just a sample of a few of the many fluorescent showcases. Note that the warmer and cooler colors on different images are due to the light bulb temperature of each case.


Click any picture below for a larger pop-up, and use the zoom key to enlarge:

Amethyst from New Jersey
Hershel Friedman and Brad Plotkin Collections


Calcites from New Jersey
Hershel Friedman Collections


Exceptional Minerals from the Northeast
Jim Chenard Collection


World-Class Minerals from Maryland
Fred Parker Collection


Minerals from the Walworth Quarry, Walworth, New York
Dave Kords Collection


Large Fossil Reptile Imprint from the UBC Quarry in Clifton, New Jersey
Many Dinosaur Footprints were Found there, but Preserved Fossils are Extremely Rare


Ancient Stonework of the Taino Indians of Puerto Rico
Juan Gonzalez Collection


Exceptional Minerals from Northern New Jersey
Eric Stanchich Collection


Asbestos Minerals from the Philadelphia Academy of Science
Justin Zzyzx Collection


Agates from Prospect Park, New Jersey
Steven M. Kuitems Collection


Agates of New Jersey, Likely the Finest Collection of this Type
Steven M. Kuitems Collection


Minerals Found in 2013 in Amity, New York, by Glenn Rhein
Glenn Rhein Collection


Minerals from New York City
Tanjeloff Family Collection


Recent Finds from Pennsylvania
Seth Maranuk Collection


Colors of Willemite
Dick and Elma Hauck Collection


Northeast Mineral Treasures: Minerals from the Localities of New York


Northeast Mineral Treasures: Minerals from the Localities of Maine
Note the Two-Tone Coloring is Due to Different Light Sources


Gem Minerals from the Maine Pegmatites
Maine Mineral Museum Collection


Fluorescent Minerals from the Franklin Mineral Museum


Fluorescent Minerals from the Franklin Mineral Museum


Fluorescent Mineral from the Collection of Steven Kuitems


Fluorescent Mineral Display
Has an Outstanding Green Willemite vein in red Calcite in the Back Left

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