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New Minerals Added and Edited

Well, I've been slacking off lately and haven't posted in a while. But that doesn't mean we aren't working on the site. We went through the Inosilicates and edited all the information with much more updated localities as well as an abundance of new pictures. Here are the minerals that were edited:

  • jadeite
  • enstatite
  • diopside
  • hedenbergite
  • augite
  • johannsenite
  • omphacite
  • spodumene
  • aegirine
  • wollastonite
  • bustamite
  • pectolite
  • serandite
  • rhodonite
  • babingtonite
  • pyroxmangite
  • tremolite
  • actinolite

Animated 3D crystal illustrations

With the help of Mark Holtkamp (http://www.smorf.nl), who has spent hours and hours drawing animated 3D crystal animations in Java, we have been able to incorporate his monumental work into our site. We are busy adding these in to all the existing minerals, and we'll continue adding to all minerals that come in distinct crystal forms. We have already gone through the native elements, the sulfides, oxides, and halides, and are up to the carbonates. We'll hopefully be done with these very soon as well, and will also be adding these in to any new minerals we add and edit. Thanks Mark!

New Photos

We have gone through John Bett's Mineral Museum and culled over 100 new photographs that we added to the existing minerals pages already completed. We have added more variety and samples to each of the minerals, trying to show all different forms and styles of a particular mineral.


We have also been fervently working on the gemstone section, trying to add in gemstones as we come across them as we edit the minerals. We have added the following new gemstones in the past 3 months:

  • Amazonite
  • Andesine
  • Diopside
  • Jade
  • Labradorite
  • Moonstone
  • Orthoclase
  • Sunstone


New Minerals

Much of the Phyllosilicates were missing. The Mica and Chlorite Minerals are referenced as accessory minerals in quite a bit of minerals in the system, and since these weren't in the system there was no link to them. Because these minerals are so prevalent, we made sure to add them in. And Talc is quite an important mineral that was missing, being #1 on the Mohs Scale. Here are the new minerals:


Mica Group:

  • Muscovite
  • Phlogopite
  • Biotite
  • Lepidolite

Chlorite Group:

  • Chlorite
  • Clinochlore
  • Cookeite
  • Chamosite