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Many new mineral photos!

We are proud to announce that we have permission to use photos from Rob Lavinsky of the Arkenstone (www.irocks.com). Rob Lavinsky is well-known in the mineral community for the vast amount of specimens that go through his turf, and his vault of pictures is absolutely immense. We have added new photos to the following minerals:


Sterling Hill Mine Visit

I took the oppurtunity on the first day that the Sterling Hill Mine was opened to go digging in the Passaic and Noble Pits, and dig through the mine run dump. The Passic/Noble pits are only open to collectors on the last Sunday of the month. It was still very cold and partially covered with snow, and this limited the finds somewhat. The mine run dump had some interesting Fluorite and Galena that was dumped from Lime Crest Quarry, and also had a bunch of dumped Agates from worldwide localities.

Visit HarrimanHiker.com for photos I took of the mine that day.

Site Update

It's already a month past the Tucson show, and we have been busy this past month dealing with administrative and advertising and have not had much a chance to properlry update and add new content. We will now finally continue working on new material for the site. One of the more significant updates we are doing is the image gallery, so stay tuned.