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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Visit: Part 1

This past summer, I made a trip to Washington DC and visited the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. This museum features one of the most impressive gem and mineral collections in the world, with over 3,500 world-class specimens on exhibit. In addition to the famous gems on display, such as the Hope Diamond and Gachala Emerald, it has some of the best of species for many minerals on display. 

The displays are very impressive, with good lighting and well-planned organization. The museum also has all specimens very clearly labeled, which both novices and experts alike appreciate. Owned by the United States government, all of the Smithsonian museums are free of charge. The only problem with this is that in all my experiences visiting the museum, it is always extremely busy with enough people visiting the gem and mineral gallery to make it feel tight and uncomfortable. It took me about five minutes just to get in line to see the Hope Diamond! Despite the almost constant crowds, I was able to get some excellent pictures of both display cases and individual minerals and gems in the collection.

If you are in Washington DC, this is a key museum that should not be missed. However, be aware that it will likely be busy, especially on weekends and during the summer. Although I have been to this museum several times before, and have even written a short article on my visit, I will now present a more detailed post with many more photos. The postings for Smithsonian Museum exhibit will include the following:

Stay tuned and come back for updates.

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