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Book Review: Collector's Guide to the Balmat Mining District

This past March saw the release of a new book, titled "Collector's Guide to the Balmat Mining District." The book provides comprehensive coverage of the Balmat District, which includes Edwards and Fowler, in upstate New York. This district is one of the most famous mineral-producing regions in all of New York State, having produced exceptional minerals since the mid-1800s. The district is located in the far-northern part of the state, near the Canadian border.

The book, published by Schiffer Publishing, is authored by several experts in New York State Minerals: Steven C. Chamberlain, Marian V. Lupulescu, David G. Bailey, William F. deLorraine, and George W. Robinson. It starts with a history of the talc and zinc mining of the district, then explains the geology of the region, and then proceeds to discuss the individual minerals of the deposit, which is the bulk of the book's contents.

Some of more noteworthy minerals this district is famous for include Calcite, Lazurite, Magnetite (in rare cubic crystals), Phlogopite, Pyrite, Sphalerite (in fully transparent examples), and Tremolite (especially the Hexagonite variety).

This book provides the most comprehensive coverage of this famous mining district. Aside from its rich and detailed background and history of the district, it also provides many quality photos with a good selection covering all the important minerals in different habits. It is highly recommended reading for anyone interested in New York State minerals, especially the upstate region of the Adirondacks.

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