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The Redesign

The Redesign of the minerals.net website involves many extensive projects.
The following items have either been done or are actively being worked on:

  • New Design
  • Transformation of ALL data from static HTML into dynamic, database-controlled ASP.net pages
  • New Minerals section
  • Update content of all mineral pages with more accurate information
  • Totally recreate the mineral localities to the most practical and relevant locations
  • Redo all the images, as well as import new images from new sources
  • Creating new and powerful filtering methods for finding minerals
  • Redeveloping of the Glossary and adding many new terms
  • Redeveloping the entire gemstone section
  • Updating all the content on the gemstone section to make it more relevant
  • Purchase mineral accessories and books on our own Amazon Store

After the above list is complete, we will be working on the following:

  • Mineral Resources Redesign
  • Adding new minerals
  • Adding new gemstones
  • Adding new mineral and gemstone pictures
  • Comprehensive Mineral Directory
  • Dynamic Image Gallery

Stay tuned for updates!

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