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The Franklin, NJ Mineral Show

This past weekend was the Franklin Mineral Show in Franklin, New Jersey. Franklin is the "Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World", and one of the world's most prolific localities in the amount of minerals it has produced. This show is a great compliment to this wonderful mineral locality. The Franklin Show is located in the grounds of the Franklin public school, and takes over the outdoor and indoor part of the school. There are two Franklin shows every year, one in the spring and another in the fall, with both being a similar format.

The weather was excellent both Saturday and Sunday, and this really enahanced the outdoor part of the show, where dozens of dealers had setup and were enjoying the bright sun and perfect spring temperatues. Many of the local dealers and mineral people in the area coming together to both buy and sell, and there is an especially strong presence of local New Jersey material at this show. The indoor part of the show has a fluorescent display room with both public exhibits of fluorescent minerals as well as those for sale. The show also arranges a small public exhibit, and I took photos of these. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera tripod, so I was unable to properly capture the fluorescent display.

Here are some pictures from the show that I took on Sunday. All these photos can be clicked for an enlarged pop-up.

The outside part of the show, facing the school

Another view of the outside show, facing away from the school

The indoor part of the show

Fluorescent Exhibit. I apologize for the poor image quality of the fluorescents.

Amazing case of Rhodonites from the Franklin Mineral Museum

Very large Willemite inside the display case of John Kolic

Display case of Steven Kuitems - "Classic Franklin Minerals"

Large polyhedral crystal of Franklinite in the case of Steven Kuitems

New Jersey Stilbites case by Brad Plotkin

Large, classic Stilbite from Great Notch, NJ, with several classic labels
in the display case of Brad Plotkin

"Crystal Classics" case of Bernard Kozykowski

Another "Crystal Classics" case of Bernard Kozykowski

Interesting Pyrite Case by Irwin and Lorraine Hammer

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