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The 2013 Fall Franklin Show

The Franklin-Sterling Gem & Mineral Show, usually known just as the "Franklin Show" happens twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. I wrote a report on the spring show, and now here is one on all the fall show. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, with bright blue skies contrasting with the early autumn foliage. Despite the beautiful weather, there were surprisingly less people at the show then during previous shows. Although this show is a relatively small show, there are good dealers that come here and it is a really friendly atmosphere. The Franklin Museum setup some public display booths in the hallway going down to the fluorescent room, and there were some outstanding pieces of Willemite in there.

Below are some pictures of the event. (Most of these can be clicked upon for larger versions.)

Franklin, NJ Fall Mineral Show
Minerals.net Flyers at the Show Entrance Tables


Franklin, NJ Fall Mineral Show
Booth of Ron & Emilie Kendig (Nature's Window).
They often have a good selection of local material at very reasonable prices.


Outdoor booth of Ron Schultz of the North Jersey Mineralogical Society.
Note the early foliage and Hamburg Mountains in the Distance.


Alfredo Petrov setup outside with a nice variety of worldwide minerals.
I purchased a rare copper set from Bridgewater, N.J. from Alfredo.


Activity at the Outdoor Booths


Alan Benson showing the magnificent Calcite from Prospect Park I purchased from him.
Alan Displayed this at the 2013 NY/NJ Show Public Exhibit. I believe it was collected by Hobart Jones.


Public Display Exhibit of Willemite, From the Steve Kuitems Collection


A Fantastic, Gemmy, Pink and Green Willemite


"Willemite Delights" - from the collection of Mark Boyer


Minerals of the "Members Only Special Auction/Sale" at the Franklin Mineral Musuem.
Will be Conducted at the Franklin Mineral Museum.


Amazing Fluorescent Display From the Sterling Hill Mining Museum


More Fluorescent Displays


Fluorescent Green Willemite


Incredible Hanging Fluorescent Minerals Inside Long Rectangular Case


Van King Explaining his Micro-photograph Setup to a Specator


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