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Dan Evanich Public Exhibit at the Springfield Show

Dan Evanich had seven display cases filled with minerals of the American West, including Arizona and Butte, Montana. Below is his introduction, as stated in one of his exhibits:


When my family moved to Colorado from Springfield, Illinois in the mid 1950's, I was provided an early life exposure to the mineral rich Southwest US. Growing up as a boy in Colorado and Northern New Mexico, I spent many summers roaming the local canyons and arroyos searching for rocks, minerals, and crystals with my Dad and brothers. These experiences undoubtedly influenced my mineral collecting preferences today.

I spent 22 years working in Corporate Sales and Marketing for both Sony and Panasonic before retiring, all the while expanding my knowledge of minerals. About five years ago, I began planning for life in a post-corporate world with the idea of becoming more seriously involved in mineral collecting. 16 years ago, I was introduced to the Northern California mineral collecting organization, Bay Area Mineralogists (also known as "BAM") and a few years later, the San Francisco Crystal Gazers. Since then, I am an active member of both groups and participate in the planning and organizing of field collecting trips. Members of these two groups often join together on field trips and coordinate efforts in support of local gem and mineral show throughout California.

My collection is focused on specimens from the Western US and select regions of Northern Mexico. Favorite localities include Butte, Montana, Bisbee and Tiger, Arizona, and numerous others throughout Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico.


Pictured below are all of Dan's public showcases, as well as some individual minerals from within those cases.


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Dan Evanich Large Wulfenites Springfield Show
Dan Evanich's Bio with Two Large Wulfenite Specimens



Dan Evanich Wulfenite plate from Los Lamentos, Mexico
A Close-Up of this Giant Wulfenite plate from Los Lamentos, Mexico



Dan Evanich Minerals from Butte, Montana
Minerals from Butte, Montana



Dan Evanich Covellite from Butte, Montana
Excellent Iridescent Covellite from Butte



Dan Evanich Rhodochrosite from Butte, Montana
Dan Evanich's Collection of Rhodochrosite from Butte



Dan Evanich Minerals from Copper Mines of Butte
Minerals from the Historic Copper Mines of Butte



Dan Evanich - Butte, Montana
Sulfides and Sulfates from Butte



Dan Evanich - Bornite Butte Montana
Interesting Bornite on Quartz from Butte



Dan Evanich - Chalcanthite Butte Montana
Electric-Blue Chalcanthite from Butte



Dan Evanich Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, Arizona
Case of Minerals from the Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine in Arizona



Dan Evanich Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, Arizona
Another Case of Minerals from the Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine in Arizona



Dan Evanich Wulfenite Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, Arizona
Bright Orange Wulfenite plate from the Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine



Dan Evanich - Los Lamentos, Mexico
Wulfenite and Associates from the Mines at Los Lamentos, Mexico



Dan Evanich Wulfenite Geode: Los Lamentos, Mexico
Unusual Wulfenite Geode from Los Lamentos

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