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Howard Johnson/La Quinta Show

This show is located along the westbound strip of the I-10 Freeway. The show is a dense agglomeration of large and small tents, outdoor tables, and motel rooms with outdoor overflow. The buzz and activity at this show is amazing, with the density of dealers and pedestrians truly fascinating. Most of the dealers are foreign, and there is a considerable represenation of Brazilian, Chinese, Pakistani, Morrocan, and Indian dealers. There are gemstone and bead dealers combined with wholesale and retail mineral establishments. Here are some pictures from the show:

Side wall of the bustling Howard Johnson

The inner courtyard of the Howard Johnson

The back of the Howard Johnson with  the La Quinta in the back
Note the sliced and polished Larimar on the foreground onthe table

More dealers in the Howard Johnson parking lot

Tents in the parking lot of  the La Quinta

Rapa River Gem & Mineral Show

From the Pueblo Show I walked north just a little bit to the Rapa River show in the Days Inn. This was my first time here, and it was bustling with activity. There are plenty of outdoor dealers and a large indoor exhibition arena. This show is mostly gems, beads, and the mineral dealers are all foreign, with Brazilian dealers being the most prevalent.

Large Billboard promoting the NY/NJ Show, which is going to be a mega-event in April
The billboard is right above the Days Inn Hotel sign for the Rapa River show

Tents to the South of the Days Inn, mostly Brazilian Amethyst and Agate dealers

Row of tents in the background

Beautiful Brazilian Agates

Large sliced Brazilian Amethyst Geodes and Citrine

The motel courtyard

Bustling activity in the motel courtyard

Another view of the motel courtyard, with some large Brazilian Quartz

The Pueblo Show

The Pueblo Show is a great show. Although many of the dealers are beads and holistic, there are still some great finds and pleasant company here. There is also an "International Fine Mineral Building" on the south side, which has some well-known dealers that have recently taken residency in this show. The atmosphere at this show is very laid-back, as apparent from the pictures listed below. When the weather is nice it makes this show all the more pleasant!

Entrance to the Pueblo Show at the Riverpark Inn

Tents in the outdoor courtyard
The tents are mostly gemstone and bead dealers

Pool with tents in the background and the NY/NJ Show Highway Billboard

The relaxed and very pleasant atmosphere at the show

People enjoying the outdoors at the show
I took a pleasant lunch break in this area

Tents near the pool
Note the deep blue sky and beautiful palm trees

Inside the main large tent
Mostly gem and jewelry dealers

Tents near the pool
Note the deep blue sky and beautiful palm trees

These dealers have wares in their hotel rooms,
and have more right outside their rooms underneath overhangs

Tents near the pool
Note the deep blue sky and beautiful palm trees

Large tent with giant polished Quartz

Steve Bookbinder's Amazing Display of South American Quartz and Amethyst
This show is worthy of a vist just for seeing this alone!

Giant Brazilian Quartz at Steven Bookbinder
It is taller then the tall person standing next to it!
Note the International Fine Mineral Building in the Background

Hershel in front of his poster promoting the Minerals.net contest
This is Rob Lavinsky's 50% off room in the
International Fine Mineral Building
This specimen was acquired from Rob Lavinsky

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show TM Setup

I came to the Tucson Gem & Mineral ShowTM in the Tucson Convention Center on Wednesday, February 13, to drop off our flyers for the main show. It was fascinating to see all the dealers setting up, so I took some pictures to share with everyone. It was also interesting to see all the special exhibits empty. This means that all the special exhibits are setup in just one day!

The 22nd Street Show

The Tucson 22nd Street show is a relatively new show on the corner of 22nd Street and the I-10 Freeway. The show is located inside a HUGE tent which you cannot miss while driving in Tucson. This show has a diverse variety of dealers in here, from mineral, gemstone, bead, and fossil dealers. There were some amazing large fossils present at show which were especially noteworthy.

I had attempted to take a photo of the enormous tent from the outside, but the perspective was missed in my photo, so I only have indoor photo shots:

Inside the massive tent

More views of the show

Just look how far down the tent goes

Amazing dinosaur and sea turtle fossil

Enormous Quartz crystals from Arkansas

The show promoters (R-L): Lowell, Christine, and Russel

Hershel with Lowell Carhart

Minerals.net Giveaway cards on the information table

Huge poster promoting the NY-NJ show in April