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The Tucson 22nd Street Show

The 22nd Street Show is one of the largest single shows along the I-10 corridor, and features a mammoth indoor tent with hundreds of dealers inside. This show has free spacious parking, and is in a giant heated tent. There are all different types of dealers at this show, including mineral, gemstone, jewelry, and fossil dealers, and the show is interesting to walk around. My friend Lowell Carhart is the organizer of the show and he also runs the NY/NJ Gem & Mineral Show as well as the Denver Coliseum Show. Click here to visit the 22nd Street Show website.


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Outside view of the Mammoth, Fully Enclosed Tent


Early Morning Visit to the Show


Nice Lot of Indian Zeolites and Associates from the Deccan Traps


New Find of Calcite from Colorado at the Show


Flats of Morrocan Minerals, Especially Vanadinites, Barites, and Calcite Geodes.
I Noticed Less Morrocan Dealers in Tucson then in Previous Years


Show Scene


Massive Ground Sloth Fossil Mold From Alabama at the Center of the Show


Information Table with our Minerals.net Brochure


More Show Scenes


Cheerful Young Ladies at the Show


One Thing About this Show: Everyone Seems to be Enjoying Themselves


Brian Brusse of the Weather Channel's Prospector Series on TV