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Glossary Terms starting with "S" Completed

We finally completed all glossary terms starting with the letter "S". We updated all the content and added many pictures. There are more terms starting with "S" than any other letter in the alphabet, so this is a big accomplishment. The glossary editing should be complete sometime next week.

Announcing our new Q&A Community!

We are excited to announce the launch of our Q&A Community. This new section is a dedicated area where users can post mineral and gemstone related questions and get answers from the community. We hope to build a valuable resource for experts and students alike. We encourage you to join the community, ask a question and help others who need it.

Please join us at http://answers.minerals.net

New Mineral Added - Wavellite

We have just completed the mineral Wavellite.

The next planned minerals to add are Scheelite, Powellite, and Wulfenite. We plan on getting these in by the end of next week for the Tucson show. We also hope to have all the glossary entries completed by then as well.