Minerals & Gemstone 480x104
Minerals & Gemstone 480x104

Displays of Dan Carlson and Don Olson at the Springfield Show

Dan Carlson had two display cases, one was material from the Kalahari Manganese field, and the other was on the mineral Staurolite. Below is his introduction, as stated in one of his exhibits:


My interest in minerals dates back to the mid-1960's when an uncle gave me my first mineral specimens. I was already collecting fossils and calcites from local northern Missouri limestone beds, so his bequest fanned my collection flames.

My field collecting accelerated while attending New Mexico Tech in the late 1970's, where I got to collect in all the local mineral districts. Inspired by Tech's Mineralogical Museum, I began focusing on a systematic collection trying to acquire good examples of the 200+ most common rock-forming and ore minerals. Systematic minerals are still the core of my collection, but I have branched into numerous sub-collections, often informed by aesthetics, sentiment (such as the first minerals I have every collected) or places around the globe I have visited.


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Dan Carlson: Kalahari Manganese Field in South Africa
Minerals of the Kalahari Manganese Field in South Africa


Dan Carlson: Hematite from Kalahari Manganese Field
Spectacular Hematite Crystal from the Kalahari Manganese Field


Dan Carlson - Staurolite Display
Dan's Display of Staurolite from Worldwide Locations



Don & Gloria Olson had four display cases of various collections. Below is their introduction, as stated in one of their exhibits:


Don's interest in minerals started at age 8 when he was invited to collect at the Himalaya Mine and the Little Three Mine in Southern California. At that time he lived on his grandparents' turkey ranch in Ramona, CA. When he and his parents moved to Osseo, Minnesota, three years later, he continued with his hobby by collecting Lake Superior agates and trading them for mineral specimens. Until 1984, Don worked in corrugated-box sales for Champion international in Minneapolis and Milwaukee, had a part-time mineral business (Minerals International) and raised four children. In 1985, Don and Gloria started their mineral and gemstone company, Donald K. Olson and Associates, which was based in Milwaukee, until they moved to their current home in sunny California.

Gloria also started field collecting at age 8, but in Lima, Ohio. She and her father frequently visited the quarries in the Midwest, which back then were open to collectors. Gloria graduated from Miami University with a major in chemistry. She then received MS and PhD degrees in mineralogy from Ohio State University. She was co-owner of the store, What on Earth, in Columbus, Ohio, for 16 years and, at the same time, was employed at Chemical Abstracts Service in the editorial and marketing departments.


You will see us at major gem and mineral shows across the country, including the East Coast Show!


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Don Olson's Minerals
Don & Gloria Olson Copper Country Minerals


Don & Gloria Olson Miscellaneous Minerals With Unusual Colors


Don Olson's Minerals
Don & Gloria Olson Additional Copper Country Minerals


Amazing Statue-Like Copper Specimen with Circle-Shaped Form in Center


Don Olson's - Copper on Prehinite
Copper Sprinklings on Prehnite, also from Copper Country


Fluorite cubes with a Desirable Brown Color


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