Minerals & Gemstone 480x104
Minerals & Gemstone 480x104

John Magnasco Public Exhibit at the Springfield Show

John Magnasco had five display cases with minerals from various worldwide locations. Below is his introduction, as stated in one of his exhibits:


During the 1980's I dug deposits throughout California and the west with Gail Dunning, Fen Copper and Ted Hadley as friends and mentors. We spent a lot of time digging mercury minerals in the Clear Creek claim in San Benito County. It gave me an appreciation for what it takes to bring quality minerals to shows.

As past president of the Bay Area Mineralogists (BAM) I enjoyed leading the nation's most eclectic group of amateur mineralogists through animated meetings and field collecting activities.

My wife Eun Joe and I love to travel. My work and hobbies have taken us to many places around the globe including Japan, Korea, China, and more. These trips have also offered me the chance to add to my collection which has several focused themes: minerals from China, the Koreas, Japan, California, well crystallized examples of rare species, and scheelite. I try to collect minerals of visit mines wherever I go and have always walked away with great memories of the people I have met or collected with, whether or not I've come away with a sample for my collection.


Pictured below are all of John's public showcases, as well as some individual minerals from within those cases.


Click any picture below for a larger pop-up, and use the zoom key to enlarge:

John Magnasco Minerals from Japan Springfield Show
John Magnasco's Exhibit Case of Minerals from Japan



John Magnasco Minerals from California Springfield Show
John Magnasco's Exhibit Case of Minerals from California



John Magnasco Antimony, Stibiconite, Cervantite
Antimony, Cervantite & Stibiconite from the Tom Moore Mine in Erskine Creek, CA



John Magnasco Minerals from China Springfield Show
John Magnasco's Exhibit Case of Minerals from China



John Magnasco Cyanotrichite China
Cyanotrichite from the Qinglong Mine, China



John Magnasco Minerals from Korea Springfield Show
John Magnasco's Exhibit Case of Minerals from the Koreas



John Magnasco Scheelite South Korea Springfield Show
Large, honey-brown Scheelite from the Tae Hwa Mine, South Korea



John Magnasco Scheelite Springfield Show
Scheelites from Worldwide Localities

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