Minerals & Gemstone 480x104
Minerals & Gemstone 480x104

Show Scenes at the Springfield 2014 Show

Here are some general show scenes from the Springfield 2014 show.


Click any picture below for a larger pop-up, and use the zoom key to enlarge:

Fred Wilda and Helen Rodak posing in front of Fred's mineral art.
Fred is one of the most best-known painters of mineral specimens.


Display Case of Ted Johnson, Yankee Mineral & Gem Co.


Booth of Land of Crystals, from Bloomfield, New Jersey


Terry Szenics Holding a Piece of his namesake Szenicsite


Alan Benson in front of his booth.
The only specimen I purchased at the show was an Analcime from Millington, NJ.


New Find of Garnet in Graphite matrix from Erving, Massachusetts, from Jason Baskin.
These are a mixture of Pyrope-Almandine, and are backlit to show transparency.


Jason Baskin Showing Some of his Larger Garnets


Alfredo Petrov and Pu Tzu Posing for me in Alfredo's Booth


General Show Scene.
Note this Fellow's Shirt.


More Show Scenes


And One More Show Scene

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